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TLC Global’s Mission

“TLC Global Solutions seeks to solve tough problems throughout the world and have real impact on people’s lives through our unique process of bringing people together, networking resources, and social impact investing.” Our project in Mexico is an excellent example.

With our mission in mind, TLC Flowers is about more than a bouquet of flowers. Each package that is delivered to a home in the U.S. represents one more step toward helping a hard-working family out of poverty. Sure, your monthly subscription provides you, your loved one, or your office a beautiful bouquet of farm fresh flowers but you become part of a movement and your expense is transformed into an investment in families that work tirelessly in their quest for a better life. That, to us, is a sustainable solution with a little “TLC” intertwined.

Meet the TLC Global Founders

Kyle Tresner
Kyle TresnerCo-Founder
Kyle is a Partner and Vice President of Investor Relations and Chief Capital Officer for a thriving private equity firm and the President and CEO of Tresner Associates, a consulting firm that helps leadership teams with business strategy.

Kyle has been successfully involved in both the non-profit and private sector as well as higher education administration.

In the private sector, Kyle has held substantial positions in finance, real estate development and asset management, as well as the ownership and management of several successful businesses.

In higher education, he spent many years developing relationships and raising millions of dollars for many projects for major universities. As Associate Vice President at Utah Valley University, Kyle was over all major giving and responsible for record-breaking fundraising totals.

Kyle’s passion can be discovered by his involvement in a successful non-profit youth leadership training program he co-founded, called Journey Youth Leadership, which teaches young people how to be effective leaders through a unique, hands-on learning model. .

Kyle and his wife, Lara, have 5 beautiful girls and live in Orem.

Ken Carlson
Ken CarlsonCo-Founder
Ken has worked in management positions at high-tech companies for over 20 years. During that time, he’s helped them grow to become leaders in their market segments.

He served on the Board of Directors for the Direct Selling Management Association (DSMA), an association devoted to serving the many Direct Selling Companies in the state of Utah.

Ken is the president of Inurtia Consulting that helps direct selling companies optimize their operations using technology. He has a passion for helping people start and grow their businesses.

He and his wife Janelle own and operate a bridal gown store, Allyse’s Bridal, which has been successful by applying a people first philosophy.

Ken also served as a high school baseball coach and has volunteered at his church and in the community.

He views TLC as a way to give back and to strengthen families and individuals by providing real economic opportunities that are sustainable.

Steve Ledingham
Steve LedinghamCo-Founder
Steve worked in the software development industry for 25 years and IT operations at Utah Valley University for 5 years. As a project manager at multiple software companies, Steve oversaw the translation and release of 32 languages.

He also had the privilege to serve in the US Army for 12 years as a translator and interrogator. While at UVU he served on the Veterans Advisory Board, with responsibilities of overseeing the selection and awarding of scholarships to veterans and their families.

In 2018, Steve founded Green Life Initiative, a non-profit serving the agricultural needs of third world countries. Steve has always had a passion to help the less fortunate.

He and his wife Debbie have been married for 40 years and taught ballroom dance for 15 years.

For Steve, TLC is the next level in giving and is grateful for the opportunity to bless lives around the world.

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